Many myths exists regarding the staffing industry, so we’d like to take this opportunity to set the record straight. We’re tackling the Big Qs, America. Let ‘em rip.

What the FAQ

“Why do staffing agencies take such a huge cut out of my paycheck?” Actually we don’t take any cut off your paycheck. We pay hourly rates based on what a similar position would pay on an annual salaried basis. The difference between what you charge your clients directly versus what we pay you comes down to taxes and insurance.

As an hourly employee of Mathys+Potestio, we basically pay half of your taxes. As someone working for yourself, the entire tax burden is on you, thus you need to charge more to make up for that difference. We also find you the work and take care of all the administration tasks (i.e., estimating, invoicing, collections). You do the work and get a paycheck every other week, rather than sending an invoice and waiting who-knows-how-long for payment. We think it’s a pretty good deal, but the arrangement is up to you.

“If I sign up with you, does that mean I can’t sign up with another agency?” You can do whatever you want. Since we can never guarantee when or if we’ll get a job or project that fits you, we encourage our talent to register with other agencies, just to cover all bases. We also recommend not letting up on your own marketing or job search.  Working through Mathys+Potestio should augment your job search, not replace it.

“What if the company where you placed me makes me an offer?” It means we’ve done our job right! So if that does happen, just let us know. We’ll work out the details with your new employer and make sure you’re taken care of with a good offer and you’re satisfied with the deal.

“What if I hate the place you send me to?” Tell us. We’ll get you out of there as best we can. We may ask you to stay until we find a replacement, but bottom line, you need to like where we send you.

“Can you guarantee me work?” No, and the reason is because we don’t control the hiring needs of our clients. We are, however, happy to help in any way we can. Our experience can provide you insight into your career, your future path, your marketability and all sorts of fun things. If you have questions, just ask.

“Does Potestio ever get tired of people calling him Puddy?” Never. He loves it.

About Mathys+Potestio

Mathys+Potestio provides creative staffing, headhunting and talent management services. We’re recruiters but creatives, too. M+P was founded by two creative industry vets who’ve worked as copywriters, designers, project managers, account managers… we’ve even done paste-up. If that doesn’t say how long we’ve been around, maybe our typewriters will. + more

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